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new year- 2015 achievements and 2016 goals

engraved borders

While it feels like learning hand engraving is the slowest possible thing anyone could ever undertake, I have to admit to some pretty radical accomplishments over the past year. Look back- A year ago I was turning out plates and plates of lettering and border design practice.  At the time, engraving these designs on an actual piece of jewellery, let alone a ring, still seemed way too daunting. Above is a hefty pile of brass test rings and slices of copper pipe to attest to my many hours of inside ring engraving practice.

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Getting pretty good at (engraving) this ‘love’ thing.

I’ve written an article

An article for the VMAA newsletter

What follows is an article I wrote about my new business for the Vancouver Metal Arts Association newsletter. The intended audience is primarily jewellery artists and professionals, and clearly (Thankfully!) I’m a better engraver than writer, however I thought I would reprint it here for anyone who may be interested in reading about my journey.

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always learning

As I am (always) learning, I practice designs on simple silver band rings. Some I use as samples to show potential clients, and others land in my showcase at Tiny Finery. This one is the latter, and it has an excellent deco style pattern that I am really excited about. It is a size 7, and is engraved inside with the words ‘elephant shoes’.

lettering practice

 “It’s got to be beautiful, it’s got to be legible.”

Martin Jackson

Hand engraved lettering is by far the most difficult to learn, for reasons mentioned above.


tiny chisels

These tools have a mirror polish at the cutting end which is why the engraving is so shiny. I make them from specialized bar stock right here in the workshop.


roses are red

Violets are blue

After getting the hang of how to make and sharpen the chisels, inside ring lettering has been the most challenging. Also the hardest to photograph.


fancy Initials

This personalized pendant is perfect for Mothers Day, or in this case Marcel.

Smaller than a dime, a delicate and significant gift.

Available at Tiny Finery for Mothers Day and all occasions after.


engraving samples

An example of a ring border design with milgrain.

Engraved with my steady hand & tiny chisel.




“Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.”

e e cummings

With the aim of becoming more accessible to clients, I’ve moved my wee studio into the back workspace of a cute little neighbourhood shop called Tiny Finery. Proprietress Stephanie Menard specializes in custom jewellery, and in her shop she carries handmade jewellery and gifts from local designers. We think its a good fit. You can find me here most weekdays working away in my cosy corner.