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more lettering practice

This is one of three brooches I’m making for part of a group show, here in Vancouver, in September. The idea is to show how a plate of hand engraving practice can become an interesting and wearable piece.

The photos show the letters hand drawn, then cut (hand engraved), and then with some jewellery making wizardry, made into a brooch!

sample rings

Sample rings- for Sampling!


Getting pretty good at (engraving) this ‘love’ thing.

always learning

As I am (always) learning, I practice designs on simple silver band rings. Some I use as samples to show potential clients, and others land in my showcase at Tiny Finery. This one is the latter, and it has an excellent deco style pattern that I am really excited about. It is a size 7, and is engraved inside with the words ‘elephant shoes’.

lettering practice

 “It’s got to be beautiful, it’s got to be legible.”

Martin Jackson

Hand engraved lettering is by far the most difficult to learn, for reasons mentioned above.


roses are red

Violets are blue

After getting the hang of how to make and sharpen the chisels, inside ring lettering has been the most challenging. Also the hardest to photograph.


fancy Initials

This personalized pendant is perfect for Mothers Day, or in this case Marcel.

Smaller than a dime, a delicate and significant gift.

Available at Tiny Finery for Mothers Day and all occasions after.


engraving samples

An example of a ring border design with milgrain.

Engraved with my steady hand & tiny chisel.


hand engraving?

Hand Engraver

Origin; 1500-10; Middle French engraver; en, (in) grave, adjective (dig, excavate).

Compare a computer font with a talented calligrapher, and you’ll notice a fine distinction that cannot be mechanically recreated. Similarly, a skilled hand engraver can achieve highly polished and beveled lines that sparkle with character and personality.

For who?

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