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larger projects from 2016

Scroll drawing & design practice on practice plates and on small folding knives. I definitely want to do more of this in 2017!

practice plate #7,859,658.

WIP. 2×2 mild steel plate of hand engraved border designs. I’ve long had the idea I should make a presentation plate- but it is a lot of work!

more lettering practice

This is one of three brooches I’m making for part of a group show, here in Vancouver, in September. The idea is to show how a plate of hand engraving practice can become an interesting and wearable piece.

The photos show the letters hand drawn, then cut (hand engraved), and then with some jewellery making wizardry, made into a brooch!

calligraphy class

When I first knew I wanted to learn engraving, but before I had the resources/tools/teacher to begin, I started practicing my letters. I was aware that lettering is a big part of engraving for the jewellery trade and figured that learning with a pencil, ruler, and eraser was an OK place to start. Since then I have spent many, many hours studying and practicing letterforms and layouts; thicks and thins, spacing and centring, mostly from books and information sourced online.

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sample rings

Sample rings- for Sampling!

continuing education

My first engraved knife!

I have been recently expanding my horizons in order to apply hand engraving techniques to more than just jewellery. Last October I traveled again to the American Midwest to develop my skills working with bigger objects, such as knives, bracelets, maybe even musical instruments(!) Studying with a master hand-engraving artist, I received valuable guidance in addressing some of the technical challenges of working with larger formats.

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new year- 2015 achievements and 2016 goals

engraved borders

While it feels like learning hand engraving is the slowest possible thing anyone could ever undertake, I have to admit to some pretty radical accomplishments over the past year. Look back- A year ago I was turning out plates and plates of lettering and border design practice.  At the time, engraving these designs on an actual piece of jewellery, let alone a ring, still seemed way too daunting. Above is a hefty pile of brass test rings and slices of copper pipe to attest to my many hours of inside ring engraving practice.

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