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messy bench (with tulips)

Messy Bench- featuring tulips, coffee money, projects due, practice plates, a toothbrush, a loop, pens/pencils, a scribe, gravers, screws, hex keys, and q-tips. In my big picture, my game plan is to have fresh flowers on my bench every Monday, a manicure on Friday, and afterwork cocktails at least once during the week. I’ve got the flowers now who wants to take me out for cocktails?

tiny chisels

These tools have a mirror polish at the cutting end which is why the engraving is so shiny. I make them from specialized bar stock right here in the workshop.




“Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.”

e e cummings

With the aim of becoming more accessible to clients, I’ve moved my wee studio into the back workspace of a cute little neighbourhood shop called Tiny Finery. Proprietress Stephanie Menard specializes in custom jewellery, and in her shop she carries handmade jewellery and gifts from local designers. We think its a good fit. You can find me here most weekdays working away in my cosy corner.