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My first engraved knife!

I have been recently expanding my horizons in order to apply hand engraving techniques to more than just jewellery. Last October I traveled again to the American Midwest to develop my skills working with bigger objects, such as knives, bracelets, maybe even musical instruments(!) Studying with a master hand-engraving artist, I received valuable guidance in addressing some of the technical challenges of working with larger formats.

Working larger requires a completely different approach than the smaller jewellery pieces that I’ve engraved, especially when it comes to the type of scrollwork involved. The rules and parameters of scrollwork are intricate and even formulaic, providing a great opportunity to challenge and further my technique.

This year I have been steadily learning and practicing my skills with larger designs, and I plan to continue this focus throughout 2016. I’d love to continue engraving knives and will definitely explore hand engraving on cuff-style bracelets and other non-jewellery items as well. Stay tuned for images of my upcoming projects!