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new year- 2015 achievements and 2016 goals

engraved borders

While it feels like learning hand engraving is the slowest possible thing anyone could ever undertake, I have to admit to some pretty radical accomplishments over the past year. Look back- A year ago I was turning out plates and plates of lettering and border design practice.  At the time, engraving these designs on an actual piece of jewellery, let alone a ring, still seemed way too daunting. Above is a hefty pile of brass test rings and slices of copper pipe to attest to my many hours of inside ring engraving practice.

I’ve also been working on different metals and shapes, working with different designers and meeting new people- networking! This year I intend to continue learning and practicing, working on larger items and exploring new markets. I am really interested in studying scrollwork design as well as furthering my lettering skills. None of this stuff is easy- the best things never are!